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Common Vein Conditions


Varicose Veins

The term “Varicose Veins” is loosely applied to the whole spectrum of diseases that we see in our clinics. These veins which are often painful require varicose veins treatments. Varicose veins appear to look like rope and are typically blue or red. They often occur deep under your skin and at times you will be unable to see them. If you show signs of varicose veins then your family typically has a history with them. Common people affected by varicose veins are pregnant women and those with occupations that require long periods of standing, such as nurses and teachers.

Spider Veins/Reticular Veins

Varying in size, spider veins can appear as short and unconnected lines, or they may make patterns resembling a spider’s web or a burst. These veins may require spider vein treatments such as sclerotherapy. Spider veins are very small varicose veins. They may not cause discomfort, but the deeper the veins become, the more pain they will cause. If you suffer from typical varicose veins you may also end up suffering from spider veins. We can provide relief from both the physical appearance and pain caused by these veins.

Facial Veins

Facial Veins do not cause pain and are commonly treated for cosmetic reasons. These veins often vary in color and size. Facial veins can be a fine red or purple or they can be larger blue-green veins. These veins often appear due to damage from the sun and rosacea. The larger blue-green veins can typically be found on the edge of the jaw or temple area.